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We are resisting our employers' refusal to pay our salaries and deprive us of our jobs....

We had to take legal action against our employers after being unpaid for two months. Our employers were indifferent towards any of our proposals for solving the problems and for the good functioning of the restaurant.
Twice before, on December and on April, we tried to claim for our salaries and to have a permanent solution for our problems without results. The administration of the company lied to us and mocked us. Then we organised our protests outside the restaurant and we participated at the general strikes of 15, 28 and 29 of June. The administration kept on lying and made us feeling insecure about the future of the company and therefor the future of our jobs (We are 15 workers at the restaurant at Leoforo Niki and 150 at total).
In the morning of 15th of July we were informed by telephone that the company was closed. The employers stated that we are not going to be paid our salaries, recompensations etc. For years our employers were getting millions of euros through our hard work and exploitation. Now we are fired without at least being paid for our work.
As other workers did, as the “indignados” protesters at the squares, we decided to fight and defend our rights and jobs.
We are still at  our workplace so as the employers won't take any equipment until we are paid. We decided to stay at the restaurant asking for everybody's support so as to support ourselves and our families financially.
We call for your support in our rightful struggle for our money and for our jobs.
Workers at the “Applebee's” restaurant at Leoforos Niki (45) Thessaloniki.

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